"Street art is like a political comic that you see in your newspaper but this time the comic is on your streets. And no, this is not your typical graffiti artist that bombs a nice piece of wall or tags their territory. This is visual graffiti. Graffiti that doesn’t hurt the public eye but makes you stop, stare and think. They have images that show social and political issues that are happening in the world today. The street artist who takes the time and the risk to send out a message to the direct public. Some just do it cause their art canvas is the streets. Some will get arrested and chased but they will still keep on drawing. They use any public area as their canvas. From bus stops to street pipes, from walls to security cameras. The artist either uses stencil drawings, murals, mosaic tiling and yarn bombing to post their creations. Again. It doesn’t matter how they made it but the message they want to put across to the public."